Kulla's Post has four decades of experience working with  companies in dozens of countries throughout the world.  KP understands how to navigate the complexities of global campaigns for domestic and international brands

The Carnival Season promotion for William Grant in Brazil increased sales 115%
— Andre Duarte, Country Manager, William Grant

Kulla's Post works with customers on marketing and branding efforts for Seasonal, Political and Current events

Occasional include: Carnival, Mardi Gras, New Year, St. Patrick's Day, Christmas

Other campaigns includes: Political Elections, Fund Raising Campaigns, Brand Launches, Conferences, Trade Shows

Kulla's Post works with directly executives, senior buyers, and business owners and tailors campaigns specifically for their needs

Marketing Departments


Establish industry leading marketing campaigns including giveaways, events, promotions

Human Resources & Corporate Depts

Use products for recruiting, branding, corporate events

Commercial Companies


Sell your own branded products retail, e-commerce, wholesale